• Rehab


    Rehabilitation that gets you out of pain and back to performance


Why should I work with a registered Kinesiologist?

Get out of pain and move towards performance! Our rehab trainers will help you succeed by prescribing specific exercises that are focused on not only the injury itself but your whole body. Working one on one will allow you to execute proper form and techniques that will breed success both in the studio and at home. Home exercises may also be prescribed depending on the condition. Our staff works alongside the Backfit clinic and their Doctors to ensure the highest customer experience.

Who are the rehabilitation specialists?

We have registered Kinesiologists that will help get you the results you deserve! Read more about the team here!

How much is the investment?

Your session will depend on the condition or injury you are looking to improve. Most appointments are scheduled for 45 minutes to ensure manual therapy and exercises are completed safely and with personal attention. Per session rate: $75