The risk of falls

The High Risk of Falls & How to Avoid Them

Did you know that having a fall accounts for 85% of seniors’ injury-related hospitalizations?

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related admissions for seniors. Annually, about 30% of persons older than 65 fall at least once, and 15% fall at least twice. 5% of these falls lead to fracture, and 5% lead to other serious injuries. Furthermore, research suggests that falls are the direct cause of 95% of all hip fractures.

The good news is falls can be avoided!

Many different risk factors contribute to falls, but muscle weakness and poor balanceunderlie most cases. Strength training against resistance, and dynamic balance retraining improve both strength and balanceand have been shown to decrease the risk of falling.

 Tandia, Spinal Technician

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Fall at Livfit

Welcome to Fall! September is a great time to get started on your new routine, finish off some 2018 goals, and get back into doing the things you love to do. This month at Livfit we are focusing online, and in studio, on coaching. The people you surround yourself with can really impact the results you see. Make sure that you have those people on your team who can help motivate, encourage, and provide knowledge to you along the way.
We want you to ask yourself these 3 questions to help you determine what health coaching route is best for you!
  1. What type of coaching do you need in order to succeed this fall? (Nutrition, fitness, mindset etc)
  2. What type of accountability do you need? (Check in’s, emails, journal, check list ?)
  3. What is your goal, and when you achieve it what does that look like for you?
If you want some support feel free to reach out to us and we can get you paired up with a kinesiologist, nutritionist, classes trainer, or mindset coach!

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