• Personal Training

    Personal Training

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Personalized Training

Personalized Training

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Why should I get a personal trainer?

Have you ever set a goal and not accomplished it? Ready to not only get to your goals but pass them and make new ones?! Come in and meet with your Livfit Personal Trainer and create an action plan to get you to your next milestone. Your trainer will devise you a program, meet with you to complete your workouts, provide weekly workouts for you to complete on your own, and support you every step of the way. Our trainers carry much more than a personal training certificate; they are exercise physiologists, athletic therapists, and kinesiologists, all armed with the knowledge and passion that you deserve to make your goals come to life!

Who are the Livfit Trainers?

Our Livfit team is stacked with trainers who understand not only what it takes to get you to your goals, but they know how to get you there. If you have extended medical, make sure to check if your training is covered! We have registered Kinesiologists that will help get you the results you deserve! Read more about the team here!

How much is the investment?

Your session with your trainer includes 60 minutes of one-on-one training, your personalized program development, a home workout for you to do before you see your trainer next, an online journal accountability tool, and easy communication to your trainer throughout the week! Per session rate: $85


Build your own bootcamp with Livfit Studio! If you are looking for a personal touch but love working out in a group you now can create your own workout with one of our trainers! Perfect for sports teams, bridal parties, co-workers, or your social circle! Your workout is designed specifically for your group and includes individual goal setting, and a mini Livfit Score to get your group started on their new workout routine! Must have 3 people to purchase and up to 15. Email us with your request and we can get you started! info@livfitstudio.ca

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How has personal training changed your life?

“There is no failure. Just keep going”-Livfitter

“Fall in love with the process. Its a journey and others are going through it too”-Livfitter

“I learned first hand the power of positive motivation, not to dwell on things I didn’t do or didn’t do very well, just move on and keep trying. That attitude shift got me much further along in the program than if I had embarked on some sort of diet or new health habit on my own” -Livfitter

“I learned how to move properly. And how to activate the proper muscles in such a way that makes me want to work out, pain free!” -Livfitter

“Small daily changes can lead to big improvements in overall health and well being” -Livfitter

“I had been involved with sports training, boot camps, personal workouts and rigorous remote field work for the last 15 years-ish, so when a knee crushing snowboard injury took me out of commission I was devastated. For the last 2.5 years, I’ve been trying to regain my strength with active knee rehab and having hit a new age bracket (haha)…Just when I thought my knee was better, I’d hit it too hard and be back at square one. I was mentally beat down. I finally somehow decided that enough was enough, and I couldn’t do it on my own anymore…it was time to get some help! After months of searching and ‘testing the waters’, I found Martina, lucky me! Martina is knowledgeable, supportive and is a great motivator that challenges me to always strive to push my personal boundaries to new heights; all while making sure each exercise is  tailored to my specific needs. She comes across as very sweet and nice (which she is!) but she never hesitates to correct your form or give you that extra push to make it to the next level. I thought I would get bored with personal trainer workouts, but Martina makes them fun and with her support and my own accountability through my Livfit activity log book (yes, she will check in on it!), I have finally become inspired to work out again.  Thank  you Martina for making workouts fun and keeping me on track!” – Wanda

“Being in my mid fifties and never being a guy that goes to the gym, I decided to give the Livfit Studio a try, so very happy I did, I have had a wonderful, non intimidating experience. I have Martina as my personal trainer, attended Dzarae’s yoga classes, Caleigh’s Saturday morning classes, and all have been very positive and fun, Livfit’s complete team are so welcoming and get you moving at your pace. So glad to be going there” – Tom

“At 56, surfing was my next ‘life list’ item. Knowing that it can be a demanding sport and that I was not fit or strong enough to head out into the waves, I looked for a fitness solution.  Intimidated by the thought of hitting the gym, I decided to check out Livfit, a decision that turned out to be life changing. Martina Salling, designed a work out program to get me ‘surf ready’.  I can honestly say that my Livfit experience has been so much more than I could have hoped for.  With Martina, I feel encouraged, motivated, and inspired every time we meet, and the studio is such a welcome environment and not the least bit intimidating.  I have also enjoyed access to the studio to work out on my own. I see the results, not only in the studio, but in all areas of my life; I have more energy and am stronger in every thing I do.  Even with reaching this goal, I intend to continue my Livfit experience and I am excited to see what’s next in my wellness journey. ” – Linda